My work explores the everlasting debate on the concepts of free will and determinism. Whether I am the sculptor or the sculptured, or, I am emerged liberated is what my art explores.

The visual source of inspiration in my art is nature. From the broad systematic interaction between its elements to the detailed textures of natural substances. For me, desert mesas, buttes and hoodoos are depictions of human experience on earth. 

Buttes’ audacious presence in a flat and vast desert reminds me of the human will and power to stand strong and free to create beauty in the world of determinism. The world in which we share our solitude with the buttes. From another perspective, presence of the buttes and the desert are well explained by a physical process and bounded by all the fundamental laws of nature.

Free will and determinism are not the only two disconnected spectrums of nature in my thoughts. Emergence of will as a property of human beings can be the result of deterministic constituent interactions.